Jayson Nath | Ubermind Deloitte Digital
My time at Ubermind, which was eventually acquired by Deloitte.
ubermind deloitte digital agency acquired
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Ubermind/Deloitte Digital

(June 2012-Current)

After rounding out my experience in hardware and software, I sought to do the best work in mobile, and Ubermind was the best agency that was doing that work. Ubermind’s impressive client portfolio and talent led to an acquisition by Deloitte Consulting in an effort to bolster their mobile offering to their technology consulting practice. I was able to participate in a transition from a boutique mobile app agency to more of a full-fledged digital agency.

Something I’ve enjoyed here is a not just pushing out mobile product, but taking a look at the experience as a whole and providing strong technical and creative leadership throughout the project. Beyond the scope of a quality application, I’ve made recommendations for logical use of mobile analytics, flexible responsive web implementation, social campaigns, even using hardware in a creative manner.

The agency/consulting model was quite different than the product-centric jobs I’ve had previously, and something that accompanied this was an overall theme of change. Rotating client priorities, stakeholders, and team dynamics were all things I had to deal with as in any job. The difference here compared with a traditional product company was the double edged sword of sitting outside a company’s organizational structure while trying to drive value at the same time. If you do it right, you impart with more than a delivered product, but a change in perception and the process of a client’s delivery model as well.