Jayson Nath | Swype
My experience at Swype and being acquired by Nuance Communications.
swype nuance startup acquired
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(February 2011-April 2012)

Swype first got on my radar as a preload for two of our T-Mobile pre-integrations. The scale of what they were attempting to achieve, along with the extremely useful product itself led me to jump ship to the startup world. Here, I got a newfound appreciation for Android (and the similarities to Symbian are far more than you’d think,) and getting product out the door. We were eventually acquired by Nuance Communications, a place that is in the business of snapping places up, and by then practically everything you could do with a keyboard had been done.

If anything, Swype was a transition for me from hardware to software, and taught me not to be too mired in anything that can fall to obsolescence. I had witnessed the fall of Symbian and shortly after we were acquired, Google released their own downloadable gesture-based keyboard. Stagnation is now a pet peeve of mine.