Jayson Nath | Nokia
My time at Nokia on the T-Mobile account team.
nokia symbian t-mobile account operator OEM
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(December 2008 – January 2011)

I joined Nokia during the height of their stranglehold on the mobile industry and when Symbian was the prevalent mobile OS that no one knew about. My role was focused initially on technical acceptance of open-distribution unlocked devices and then eventually the entire T-Mobile US portfolio for five quarters. For four years I had a first hand industry account of the impact on touch-only devices to the mobile landscape, and gave strategic guidance on how to combat Android’s role in T-Mobile’s portfolio when it initially launched.

My time here saw me at both the Irving, TX development center and as part of the account team at the T-Mobile headquarters in Bellevue, WA. I also got some of the best global experience one can have, interacting with our S60 teams in Finland and India, and our S40 teams in Copenhagen and Beijing. Ask me some time about interesting stories interacting with all of them.